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The Criminology Club / KSU ACJA

Appointed Officials of KSU ACJA

2015 - 2016 Term of Office
According to the KSU ACJA Constitution, under Article VII, Section A.5, the Chapter President has the authority to appoint officers and committees upon the approval of the chapter. Such appointees serve under the authority of the President and are subject to removal from office by him/her. The Chairman of the Emeritus Cabinet shall have the power to appoint any emeritus officer who accepts the role of Press Secretary. Such officer is subject to be removed from office by the Chairman. 





KSU ACJA Elections Commissioner
The Elections Commissioner of KSU ACJA is appointed by and reports directly to the Chapter President of the subordinate chapter. He/she is charged with overseeing the elections process and enforcing the rules and regulations.




Office of the Press Secretary

The Press Secretary is appointed by and reports directly to the Chairman of the Emeritus Cabinet and completes all promotional material before the next speaker event, fundraiser, or philanthropy function. He/she is also responsible for speaking on behalf of KSU ACJA to members from the press (e.g. Collegian, Manhattan Mercury, Wildcat 91.9 FM, etc).