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Education Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Why not?  After all, in our global and competitive world, the reasons for studying abroad are nearly endless.  Thousands of K-State students have studied abroad in the past, with more and more taking courses, learning languages, interning, or volunteering abroad each year.  They choose to integrate an international experience into their undergraduate or graduate careers for a variety of reasons--but all come back with timeless stories, memorable experiences, and better academic and professional prospects.  What will you discover when you study abroad?

Learn Who You Are

You may already think you know who you are.  But if you've never stepped outside your comfort zone--whether that be Kansas, the United States, the English-speaking world, or any other culture to which you belong--then how can you really know what life is all about?  The only way to know what's inside you is to look at yourself from the outside.  Reconnect with the heritage of your immigrant ancestors.  Taste cuisines that simply are not available in Kansas.  Test yourself against the thrilling rigors of exploration.  Meet folks who speak, worship, and live in ways that you can't imagine.  You'll know a lot more about yourself--and you'll never be the same!

Strengthen Your Major or Minor

When you enrolled at K-State, you knew that you had access to a world of academic and professional options.  Maybe you still don't know if your major is right for you, or perhaps you're considering a secondary major or minor.  Study abroad will help you feel confident that your chosen program is right for you by exposing you to options that you may have never even considered.  Take classes abroad that accelerate your path to graduation--or even position yourself to graduate early.  (In fact, American undergraduates who study abroad tend to graduate on time more than students who do not go abroad.*)  Learn international perspectives on your chosen major--like German engineering methods or Costa Rican environmental policies--that deepen your understanding beyond the boundaries of K-State.

Build Language Skills in an Immersive Environment

If you've ever taken a class in another language, you know how difficult it is at first to remember even the most basic vocabulary and phrases.  Perhaps you think you're not smart enough to master Spanish, confident enough to try Arabic, or brave enough to even consider learning Japanese.  The only sure-fire method to work toward fluency in another language is not found in a book, podcast, or DVD--it's found abroad!  Immerse yourself in another culture for a period of time, soaking up its food, literature, ideas, sights, and sounds, and you will discover that you're smart, confident, and brave enough to learn any language.  Whether you want to pick up a double major or a minor, converse with your international friends in their native language, or set yourself apart on the job market, study abroad can help you say ¡Adios! to your language-learning fears.

Distinguish Yourself on the Job Market

If you're a prospective K-State undergraduate or freshman, college graduation may be the least of your worries.  If you're a senior, though, you may know all-too-well how close it is!  When you study abroad at K-State, you can be confident that you're in a better position when you enter the job market than if you just studied in Kansas.  Employers tend to give hiring preference to K-State graduates who have an international experience on their transcripts, as study abroad proves that prospective employees have mature attitudes and open minds.  Give yourself every opportunity to enhance your resume in our competitive world--study abroad!

Gain Academic and Professional Experience

If you want to go to graduate or professional school after you leave K-State, you've probably thought about the difficulty of getting into a good program.  Admissions boards view prospective students with study abroad experience in a much more favorable light than applicants who've never left the United States.  Gain admission to a great medical school by volunteering at a health clinic in Kenya.  Pass the LSAT with flying colors after you learn about common law in London.  Get inspired to research a senior honors or Master's thesis after exploring China.  You don't have to wait to know your future--live it now when you study abroad!

The world is what you make of it!  D
o you want to study abroad?  Learn how to get started!



*Lynn Anderson, ed.  Internationalizing Undergraduate Education:  Integrating Study Abroad into the Curriculum.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2005.