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Holtz Hall Tutoring Center

Holtz Hall
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Tutoring is a free service offered to all K-State students. Over 145 courses are represented, and sessions are led by peer tutors who have excelled in the course.

There are two different types of tutoring that allow for students to receive the amount of assistance they desire, scheduled and walk-in.

Scheduled Tutoring

Scheduled tutoring is for students who prefer weekly tutoring sessions. Tutoring sessions are designed to fit in a students schedule and are led by a peer tutor. Each session occurs once a week and lasts 50 minutes. Scheduled sessions are offered in a wide range of courses from introductory to higher-level. 

Students who are interested in signing up for scheduled tutoring should use our online form to sign up. Students may sign up for tutoring sessions covering one or all of their courses.

Walk-in Tutoring

Students who occasionally have questions about a course's content can participate in walk-in tutoring. Walk-in tutoring is a come-and-go tutoring style. Walk-ins are organized by fields of study, such as Biology or Economics, rather than specific courses like BIOL 198 or ECON 110. Tutors at walk-in sessions are knowledgeable about several courses within a field of study to provide better assistance to a variety of students.

Students interested in participating in walk-in tutoring should check out the walk-in schedule. Students may feel free to attend at any point during the walk-in times.

Times & Locations

Tutoring is available during both the daytime and evening hours and can be found in five convenient locations.


Day & Time Open

Holtz Hall Tutoring Center

Monday - Thursday



8:30am - 9:20pm

8:30am - 4:20pm

5:30pm - 9:20pm

Derby Dining Center Gold RoomMonday - Friday2:30pm - 4:20pm
Derby Dining Center Room 133BSunday - Tuesday5:30pm - 9:20pm 
Kramer Dining Center Multicultural RoomMonday & Friday2:30pm - 4:20pm
Kramer Dining Center Rocky Ford RoomWednesday - Thursday5:30pm - 9:20pm

Employment Opportunities

Visit our Employment Opportunities page to see all available positions with the AAC.