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48 Film Fest

48 Hour Film Festival Rules

These rules apply to each participating team. Please read them through carefully before signing the the official form for the film festival. All participants are required to sign the official talent release form. Only Team captains are required to fill out the the Official entry form. Location release forms are required for filming on private property. 

The K-State 48 Film Festival Committee may add to or amend these rules at any time prior to the beginning of the film festival.

View the 2018 K-State 48 Film Festival guidelines (pdf)

Drone-UAV Policy

The use of drones (UAVs) are prohibited due to FAA and K-State regulations. There is the potential for substantial penalties for individuals, or teams, who employ drones during the creation of films submitted for the film festival.

Principles of Community

In addition to the posted rules above, teams should also be aware of K-State's Principles of Community and ensure films created and conduct while participating in the festival, acknowledge and practice the following principles: 

We affirm the inherent dignity and value of every person and strive to maintain an atmosphere of justice based on respect for each other.

We affirm the value of human diversity for community.

We affirm the right of each person to freely express thoughts and opinions in a spirit of civility and decency. We believe that diversity of views enriches our learning environment, and we promote open expression within a climate of courtesy, sensitivity, and mutual respect.

We affirm the value of honesty and integrity. We will operate with honesty in all professional endeavors and expect the same from our colleagues.

We acknowledge that we are a part of multiple communities, and we have an obligation to be engaged in a positive way with our civic partners.

We recognize our individual obligations to the university community and to the principles that sustain it. We will each strive to contribute to a positive spirit that affirms learning and growth for all members of the community.

We appreciate your help in making the K-State 48 film festival, and its films, respectful and inclusive of all students, and indicative of the principles of the K-State family.

Thank you,

The K-State 48 Film Committee