Personal commitment
The disadvantage of the conversational format is that it requires a commitment to understanding and controlling anger. You cannot simply download and read the information and be done with it. Learning about anger and how to manage such a strong emotion takes time. You have to stick with it.

Please take responsibility for your participation in this course. Anger is not an easy issue to discuss. On many occasions, you will be asked to consider your past and present experiences related to your anger and the anger of others. If you feel uncomfortable with the material, consider bookmarking your location and returning later. You are always the one in charge of how you proceed in FireWorks.

It is unlikely that you will be able to complete the course at one sitting. There are about 210 conversational frames (web pages) all linked together and many journal activities to complete. I am committed to doing all that I can to help you understand and manage anger so I am leaving no important idea left behind. As you proceed through the course you can read the comments in the right column of others who have completed the course.

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