Because we are human beings each of us will experience anger in some form or another. You may have stumbled on the course by making a Google search, from a link on another website, or from a recommendation by another person. The course is designed for everyone.

You may have discovered FireWorks after being mandated by the courts to take an anger management program or after being encouraged by a counselor to consider the course. If so, you are welcome here, and I am happy that you found FireWorks.

There are limits to what we can hope to accomplish with an on-line course on anger management that is open to the public. A few problems associated with anger concern me. If you have problems with violence and/or are taking any mood-altering drugs or medications, you need professional, personal help. If you have difficulty with continuing problems with anger, solving that problem can be too difficult going alone. You may need more support than what you can find in this course.

You and I are having a conversation about anger and its management. This course is not a substitute for therapy.

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