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Wheat Genetics Resource Center I/UCRC

Welcome to the WGRC Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


Kansas State and Colorado State Universities have joined forces with strategic industry partners to form the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) for the WGRC. The consortium system is modeled after and facilitated by the National Science Foundation’s Industry University Cooperative Research Program.

Together, we are mobilizing genetic diversity to enhance wheat yields and meet food security needs. Without genetic diversity, breeders will be unable to make the progress necessary to feed future generations. It is the key to delivering varieties to farmers with the “genetic grit” to fight devastating disease, destructive pests, and severe climates. The WGRC I/UCRC mines and harnesses the valuable attributes of wheat’s ancient ancestors to help breeders, and then farmers, produce higher quality bread wheat.


Our objectives:

  • Train students who can rapidly contribute to industry objectives and breeding targets.
  • Develop new natural and induced methods for using wheat genetic diversity.
  • Initiate rapid improvement of a global wheat crop and improve functionality of wheat.
  • Significantly reduce time of identification validation and integration of genetic traits into a market ready variety.
  • Develop and apply methods to incorporate high-value wheat traits in breeding programs for sustainable crop production.