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Wheat Genetics Resource Center I/UCRC


The I/UCRC focuses on developing new methods for using the diversity of wheat genetics, both natural and induced, to solve problems for farmers and end users of wheat.  Industry members will provide market awareness, ensuring delivery of important traits.

Current Research:

1. Germplasm management, evaluation and development: W.J. Raupp, D.L. Wilson, H. Shult and B. Friebe, KSU

2. Novel genetics stocks for chromosome-wide enhancement of genetic recombination: K. Dal-Hoe, B. Friebe, G.S. Bikram and J. Poland, KSU

3. Genomic based trait analyisis: L. Sanzhen, KSU

4. Field-based germplasm development from wild species: M.J. Guttieri and A.K. Fritz, KSU

5. Flavor Research Program Overview: D. Peterson, OSU