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Classification of Triticum according to Gandilyan 1980.

Gandilyan's [reference] contributions to wheat taxonomy are largely unknown outside of Armenia and the countries of the former USSR due to the language barrier. Although this 1980 key to Triticum is not a true classification, it does offer the views of this important contemporary triticologist. His taxonomic concept of Triticum is morphologically based, emphasizing reproductive traits. Gandilyan only deals with 21 species. Seven other species, including two synthetic forms, are mentioned but not treated as part of his key. Gandilyan's classification is presented here in its original form with corrections in spellings, nomenclature, and authority citations.

Triticum L.

I. Wild species
2n = 14
Triticum boeoticum Boiss.
Triticum urartu Thumanian ex Gandilyan
2n = 28
Triticum dicoccoides (Körn. ex Asch. & Graebner) Schweinf.
Triticum araraticum Jakubz.
II. Domesticated hulled species
2n = 14
Triticum monococcum L.
2n = 28
Triticum dicoccum Schrank ex Schübler
Triticum ispahanicum Heslot
Triticum timopheevii (Zhuk.) Zhuk.
Triticum paleocolchicum Menabde
2n = 42
Triticum macha Dekapr. & Menabde
Triticum spelta L.
Triticum vavilovii Jakubz.
III. Domesticated free-threshing species
2n = 28
Triticum durum Desf.
Triticum turgidum L.
Triticum aethiopicum Jakubz.
Triticum turanicum Jakubz.
Triticum polonicum L.
Triticum carthlicum Nevski in Kom.
2n = 42
Triticum aestivum L.
Triticum compactum Host
Triticum sphaerococcum Percival
Other species mentioned, but not included by Gandilyan in his key because they do not have described varieties, include the following
Triticum sinskajae A.A.Filatenko & U.K.Kurkiev2n = 14 
Triticum jakubzineri Udaczin & Schachm.2n = 28 
Triticum militinae Zhuk. & Migush.2n = 28 
Triticum petropavlovskyi Udaczin & Migush.2n = 28 
Triticum zhukovskyi Menabde & Ericzjan2n = 42 
Triticum fungicidum Zhuk.2n = 56 (amphidiploid) 
Triticum timonovum Heslot2n = 56 (amphidiploid)