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Wheat Genetics Resource Center

Kansas State University
Department of Plant Pathology

4024 Throckmorton
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-5502
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Wheat Genetics Resource Center
Kansas Wheat Innovation Center

1990 Kimball Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502



Gill BS, Kam-Morgan LNW, and Shepard JF. 1985. An apparent meiotic mutation in a mesophyll cell protoclone of the 'Russet Burbank' potato. J Hered 76:17-20.

Gill BS, Sharma HC, Raupp WJ, Browder LE, Hatchett JH, Harvey TL, Moseman JG, and Waines JG. 1985. Evaluation of Aegilops species for resistance to wheat powdery mildew, wheat leaf rust, Hessian fly, and greenbug. Plant Dis 69:314-316. [PDF]

Rayburn AL and Gill BS. 1985. Use of biotin-labeled probes to map specific DNA sequences on wheat chromosomes. J Hered 76:78-81.

Rayburn AL and Gill BS. 1985. Molecular evidence for the origin and evolution of chromosome 4A in polyploid wheats. Can J Genet Cytol 27:246-250.