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Wheat Genetics Resource Center
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Annual Wheat Newsletter

Wheat Newsletter Wheat Newsletter Wheat Newsletter Wheat Newsletter
The Annual Wheat Newsletter is edited by W.J. Raupp and published by the Wheat Genetic and Genomic Resources Center at Kansas State University. The scope of the Newsletter includes current project activities, cultivar releases, special reports, and publications of wheat researchers worldwide. The Newsletter annually has over 100 contributors from more than 30 countries.

The National Wheat Improvement Council has approved distribution of the Annual Wheat Newsletter primarily by computer diskette, beginning with volume 37. These volumes are available for download or search from the GrainGenes webserver (http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/ggpages/awn/).

The HTML version of the Annual Wheat Newsletter is available on compact disc from the WGGRC (see below). To use the CD, insert it into your computer and start your internet browser. The files work with many browsers, including Safari, Netscape, and Microsoft Explorer. Open AWN.html or TOC.html by selecting OPEN:FILE from the browser menu. From this page, you can choose either the text version of the Table of Contents (same as in the printed version) or a graphic version where navigation is through the files by selecting the countries from a series of maps. From any of these maps, you can get back to the text version of the Table of Contents. For volume 53, the heading for each of the contribution pages also is a link back to the table of contents for that issue.

The cost of publishing the Newsletter is financed by voluntary contributions from individuals, commercial companies, international programs, and organizations with a direct or indirect interest in wheat. Contributions each volume of the Newsletter should be received by 1 April of the year of publication. Further manuscript guidelines can be found below.