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Vice President for Student Life

Student Success Workgroup Recommendations

The focus of the past six months has been to create a simpler organizational structure that continues to support our shared committed to student success. Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to provide input on possible plans through individual and group meetings. The recommendations of the Student Success Workgroup are in the beginning stages of implementation. The workgroup provided a valuable reimagining of the Academic Assistance Center and Tutoring opportunities. We hope that our new structure will provide increased efficiency and improve collaboration across campus. We are committed to providing quality programs and services that support the academic and student life mission of the University.  Special thanks to Drs. Greg Eiselein and Stephanie Bannister for their leadership and to all of the faculty, academic deans, student life staff, and student leaders who participated in the Student Success Workgroup.

Student Life tutoring has started moving from Leasure, Holton and Lafene Halls into Holtz Hall. Services began being offered in the new space on June 6 and the building is in the soft-opening phase. 

Beginning July 1 space migration will occur in Holton Hall as offices shift to relocate closer to peer offerings or supervisors. Holton Hall will be rebranded as the Center for Student Success in Holton Hall and will include student life areas. 

The Center for Student Success will include the Academic Assistance Center home to the Academic Coaching program, bringing together the former Pilots and Plan for Success programs. Interim Assistant Vice President Dr. Stephanie Bannister will provide leadership for the Academic Assistance Center, Academic Coaching, Holtz Hall Tutoring, Educational Supportive Services, Upward Bound Salina, and the Testing Center. Educational Supportive Services (ESS) will move to the first floor, Student Life will relocate to the second floor. The Center for Student Success will continue to serve as a “gateway,” directing students and families to any campus service in Holton Hall and throughout the entire campus.  Holton Hall’s location and the space realignment will allow better service to our students, bringing together the academic, student life, and support services essential for a successful path to graduation.

Read the full Letter from the VP for Student Life and Dean of Students Pat Bosco, June 20, 2016


Letter from the VP for Student Life and Dean of Students Pat Bosco, April 8, 2016

Detailed Recommendations

First Year Program Merger Recommendations

Tutoring and Space Recommendations

Recruitment through Graduation Initiative Recommendations

Student Success Subgroups and Members

First Year Program Merger
  • Greg Eiselein-lead, English Professor and Director of K-State First
  • Lou Benjamin, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Don Boggs, Associate Dean, Ag Academic Programs
  • Kiley Moody, Coordinator, New Student Services
  • Rebeca Paz, Coordinator, Pilots Program
  • Scott Voos, Coordinator, Plan for Success
  • Zelia Wiley, Interim Associate Provost, Office of Diversity
Tutoring and Space
  • Heather Reed-lead, Assistant Vice President and Director of Office of Student Life
  • Jackie Anders, Administrative Officer, Student Financial Assistance
  • Kimberly Dierks, Coordinator, Tutoring Services
  • Jan Elsasser, Assistant Vice President and Director of Technology & Information Services
  • Kathy Greene, Director, Educational Supportive Services and McNair Scholars
  • Andy Hurtig, Student Body President
  • Mary Vanier, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life
  • RJ Youngblood, Teaching Tech/Pilots Lab Coordinator
Recruitment through Graduation Intiatives
  • Stephanie Bannister, co-lead, Associate Director, Housing & Dining Services
  • Greg Eiselein,-co-lead, English Professor and Director of K-State First
  • Andy Bennett, Professor and Department Head, Mathematics
  • Gary Clark, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
  • Emily Lehning, Associate Vice President and Director of New Student Services
  • Joe Tinker, Student Body Vice President
  • Allison Wheatley, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • RJ Youngblood, Teaching Tech/Pilots Lab Coordinator

Student Success Workgroup Timeline

  • February 25, 2016

    Workgroup Meeting

  • March 9, 2016

    Workgroup Meeting

  • April 1, 2016

    Workgroup Meeting

  • April 4, 2016

    Recommendations Due

  • April 11-15, 2016

    University Community Feedback Period

  • April 18-20, 2016

    Analysis of Feedback

  • April 22, 2016

    Workgroup Debrief and Wrap-up

  • June 2016

    Implementation of Recommendations Begins