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Vice President for Student Life

The Division of Student Life: Serving K-State Students

The Division of Student Life includes a variety of departments, programs, and resources that promote student success both inside and outside of the classroom.


Student Life programs will advocate, support, and prepare students to achieve academic success while maximizing their personal and professional potential as we become a top 50 public research institution.

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Life promotes student success through opportunities for student involvement experiences to strengthen personal and academic growth, leadership, professional development, and community engagement.


  1. Promote academic success to support and enhance student persistence
  2. Support students through advocacy and development of the whole student
  3. Provide opportunities for students to develop through an active and diverse student experience
  4. Challenge students to think globally and develop awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of personal and cultural differences
  5. Provide programs, environments, and facilities that are conducive to student learning and success