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Division of Communications and Marketing


The Division of Communications and Marketing has a charge to fully integrate the delivery of the Kansas State University image, as well as to increase the effect, efficiency and consistency of institutional communications and marketing initiatives. 

Don't Make the World Wait brand campaign

Launched in August 2020, the Don't Make the World Wait brand campaign site includes several new resources. View our brand framework guidance, an updated brand guide, the creative toolkit and more.

Brand framework

The K-State brand positioning leverages a core human value that represents the intersection between K-State’s brand essence and those things that resonate on a personal level with our audience.

Brand guidelines (pdf)

The brand guide, updated in June 2020, includes general guidelines for the Kansas State University brand as well as specific directions for the application of university marks and related elements. The PDF currently downloads best utilizing Firefox or Safari. To download in Chrome, please right click and "save as" for a successful download.

Creative toolkit

The creative toolkit was developed as a customizable resource for university use.

Wordmarks for University, Divisions, Colleges and/or Departments/Units

If you need the university wordmark or a division, college, or department/unit-specific wordmark, please complete our wordmark request form. A design services staff member will be in touch after your form has been successfully submitted.

If you need a university wordmark for official use involving an external partnership or a retail item, contact the director of Trademark Licensing at logos@k-state.edu, 785-532-6269. 

University Style Guide

The University Style Guide addresses editorial style for the university.


Learn about tools and templates to support branding efforts for eNewsletters, digital signage, PowerPoint, name tags and more.