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University Support Staff Senate

Kudos - Bragging Rights

Our University Support Staff work very hard at their jobs, and we would like this to be a place for you to recognize their outstanding achievements.  If you would like to give Kudos (Special Thanks) to a USS staff member, please complete the form below and we will post the information to the site. This is a great way to show your appreciation to USS staff for all they do! 

Kudos - Bragging Rights Form (pdf)

Congratulations to Kelli Henderson, Facilities Building Maintenance - You now have "Bragging Rights!"

My experience with Kelli has always been positive. She answers the telephone for Minor Repairs with a cheerful expression in her voice and is always pleasant to the customer. To have an employee in facilities who provides great customer service is outstanding! To have this positive attitude day in and day out when all you hear are complaints or problems, takes someone special. Talking with Kelli brings a smile to your face and you know it's gonna be a great day! Raise your glass and give 3 cheers for Kelli. Thanks for everything you do for the University community! (Submitted by Becki Bohnenblust, Department of Biology)

Congratulations to Melissa Linenberger, Office of Academic Personnel - You now have "Bragging Rights!"

Melissa Linenberger is an exceptional employee who is dedicated, loyal and cares about her work and making our office be the best it can be. The Office of Academic Personnel could not function without her.

Part of what makes Melissa so special is that she is 50% of the regular staff in this office. I appreciate Melissa's work and I value all of her contributions to the office; those that are within her job description and those that she volunteers because she cares. I admire her enthusiasm, creativity and desire to learn more and better herself.

Thanks to you and the Classified Senate leadership for all you do to recognize our human talent and strengths. (Submitted by Susana Valdovinos, Office of Academic Personnel)

Congratulations to Kathy Connelly (Linda K Connelly), Salina ID Card Center - You now have "Bragging Rights!"

Although my name was misspelled on the invoice and it was sent to the wrong e-mail address, Kathy took the time to research who the recipient should have been and forwarded it to me when it would have been just as easy (or easier!) to have ignored and deleted it. Many thanks to Kathy for taking the time out of her day to solve a problem that wasn't hers to begin with! (Submitted by Kathy Schaefer, Advanced Manufacturing Institute)

Congratulations to Amy Lee, Controller's - Cashiers and Student Services - You now have "Bragging Rights!"

Amy is hard working, knowledgeable and works hard at any task given her. Recently, Amy was able to look at a process that is necessary to provide my position with documentation and found a more concise way of providing the information. She has the ingenuity needed to find better and more efficient ways to do things. She is not afraid to think outside the box. Thank you Amy for a great job!! (Submitted by Kristen Hanson, Controller's-Fund Balancing)

Congratulations to Judy Larson, Controller's Office - You now have "Bragging Rights!"

Judy works hard as support staff for Sponsored Projects Accounting. She is always helpful and pleasant to work with. Judy is very knowledgeable and is eager to help with any task that is given to her. She would truly be hard to replace and always keeps things running very smoothly. Her work demonstrates that she truly cares about her office, co-workers and the university. Thanks Judy for a great job!! (Submitted by Laura Hohenbary, Controller's Office)

Congratulations to April Adams, Facilities Custodial Services - You now have "Bragging Rights!"

April is an outstanding employee who exemplifies the word "outstanding" through her hard work, dedication, job knowledge, helpfulness, and radiant smile. She goes out of her way to perform her custodial job duties in such a way to avoid interfering with any office activities. You may not see her, but you can always tell when she.s been through from the shine. Anderson Hall is very fortunate to have April on its custodial staff. Thanks April!! (Submitted by Barb Nael, Registrar's Office)

Letter from President Wefald (pdf)