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University Support Staff Senate


Award Winners for Calendar Year 2020 

(Awarded in April 2021) 

Award of Excellence:
  • Office and Clerical: Rebecca (Becky) Marsh - Admissions Officer, Office of Recruitment and Admissions.   
  • Service and Maintenance/Skilled Crafts: Brent Kolterman - HVAC Technician, Division of Facilities. 
  • Technical and Professional: Justin Shank - IT Support Specialist I, Division of Facilities, Campus Planning and Project Management.  
  • Belonging: No nominations received.  

 Meritorious Service Awards: 

  • Sandy Bolin, Facilities Custodial Services

  • Eva Peterson, Kansas Forest Services

Award Winners for Calendar Year 2019 

(Awarded in April 2020) 

Award of Excellence:
  • Office and Clerical: Candace LaBerge - Office Specialist II, Faculty Senate, Provost Office.  
  • Service and Maintenance/Skilled Crafts: Thad Pultz - Maintenance and Repair Technician II, K-State Housing and Dining Services (HDS) 
  • Technical and Professional: Ray Boller - Radiation Safety Technician, Environmental Health and Safety. 
  • Belonging: Carrie Fink - Student Programs Coordinator, Office of the Registrar. 

 Meritorious Service Awards: 

  • Cindy McNulty, Administrative Support Center

  • Hallie Alaniz, Student Life

  • Jill Serrault, Polytechnic Facilities                   

  • Cynthia Harris, K-State Libraries

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