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Dale Bremer

Welcome to Dale Bremer's homepage! Dale is a Professor in the Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources at Kansas State University. His responsibilities include research in turfgrass science, teaching graduate level courses in plant research methods and graduate seminar, and advising undergraduates primarily in golf course and turf management curriculums.

Dr. Bremer’s interests in research include water conservation and trace-gas fluxes between turf and the atmosphere. Water conservation research ranges from the testing of new varieties or cultivars that promise good performance while using less water, to investigating minimal irrigation requirements of turfgrasses or testing new methods of irrigation management that may reduce water-use when irrigating turf. Trace-gas flux research includes the measurement of carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes (e.g., photosynthesis and evapotranspiration [ET]), and nitrous oxide fluxes in turfgrasses.

In the photo above, I am holding a portable photosynthesis system (Licor 6400) with a modified chamber for measuring CO2 fluxes in turfgrass. Our rainout shelter at our K-State research facility is in the background; the shelter automatically moves on rails (upper right in photo) to cover research plots during rainfall, which allows us to conduct precision irrigation studies in turfgrass.

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