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Editor's Note 

It has been an eventful year for Touchstone. With our recent move to being an entirely online publication, and our decision to include work from both undergraduate and graduate students from universities across the country, we have been privileged to take on new challenges and present an even more impressive and diverse array of literary and creative art. This edition, like those before it, is a representation of the best work submitted in the fall of 2014. This year, we looked specifically for work with layers – layers of paint, layers of text, layers of meaning – and our writers and artists delivered. I offer my sincere congratulations to the students whose works were selected as the best for this year’s issue.

While the quality of work submitted  obviously contributes to the success of this publication, Touchstone would not have been possible without the skills of its devoted  staff, our ever-helpful advisers, and the KSU English department – to all who work tirelessly to make Touchstone the highest quality literary and arts publication that it can be, I am exceedingly grateful.

I hope that you enjoy the work presented in this year’s edition. We've thoughtfully compiled a collection of poems, fiction, non-fiction, interviews and art (lots of art!) for your enjoyment. Thank you again to all who support Touchstone and the flourishing of the arts, not only here at K-State but around the world.  


Carmen M. Schober


2015 Touchstone