Department of English

English/Counseling Services Building

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506

Editor's Note

This volume of touchstone has arrived very late. However, its lateness had
nothing to do with the quality of the work we received and selected.

The stories and poems in these pages explore themes of home, nostalgia,
identity, and the complicity of relationships – from one-night stands to first
dates to long-held family ties.

Thank you to the genre and copy editors for the reading, reviewing, and
editing. You have all spent more time and thought on this volume than you
signed up for, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you to Corrina
Honeycutt, the proxy editor of the 2013 edition.

And thank you, writers and readers, for being patient while touchstone
sorted out leadership issues. I hope you enjoy the poems, stories, and
essays. They are belated, but worth the wait.



Kylie Kinley

Submissions Editor

2013 Touchstone