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August 27, 2013

Attention all pet owners: City of Manhattan regulations reminder

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The city of Manhattan Animal Shelter and Control Division are reminding new and returning students, faculty and staff of the pet guidelines for those living in city limits.

The following are helpful reminders to keep fido and fluffy legal residents:

License your pet and make sure he or she wears a collar with the license tags at all times.

As addressed by Ordinance 6-36, 6-37, 6-40: Dogs and cats over four months of age, kept or harbored within the city limits are required to be vaccinated for rabies and registered with the city, and wear the city tag and rabies tag on a collar at all times. Vaccination and licensing helps to ensure mandatory compliance with state and local rabies requirements and protects the public and pets.

As addressed by Ordinance 6-22, pets are required to be on leash when off owner’s property. An electronic collar does not constitute a leash. If a pet is running at large or loose, the animal can be impounded and fees apply to redeem the animal. Pets are strictly prohibited from Sunset Zoo, cemeteries, and school properties.

As addressed by Ordinance 6-31, there are restrictions on tethering pets. Among other things, the tie-out cannot be more than one eighth the pet’s body weight, cannot be less than 10 feet long, and cannot allow the pet to cross public right of way, such as sidewalks.

Chapter 6 of the Manhattan City code also addresses: Dangerous dogs, nuisances, cruelty to animals, barnyard animals, quarantine and dog bites, abandonment and the animal shelter.

Manhattan Animal Shelter and Control Division is under the administration of the Parks and Recreation. We provide sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions and promote responsible pet ownership. We also serve the citizens and animals of our community by providing animal control services and upholding the laws set forth for their protection.

Questions about licensing, dangerous pets, or other animal issues in town may be addressed by calling 785-587-2783 or emailing animalshelter@cityofmhk.com.