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August 6, 2013

Summary of Alternative Service Committee minutes from July 10

Submitted by Alternative Service Committee

Below is a summary of the Alternative Service Committee minutes from the July 10 meeting. The complete minutes are online.

Discussion on possible revisions to the white papers was continued from the June 26 meeting, starting with the compensation white paper. This paper will be revised to include an increase based partially on performance as well as on an across-the-board basis. The existing salary grade and step matrix could be used as a framework until a new pay plan is implemented. Longevity, compensation for lead workers, shift differential and performance appraisals done in a timely manner were also discussed.

The recruitment white paper was discussed next. It was decided to leave this white paper as is in light of the possible changes that will be made by the university regarding its recruitment policy.

Next, the performance appraisal white paper was discussed touching on several items; customization of performance appraisal form, making training for the performance appraisal process available online, possibly adding a comment on the supervisor's evaluation on whether evaluations were done in a timely manner and position descriptions not being updated in a timely manner. Gary Leitnaker indicated the state is working on a new performance appraisal form. Training on the new form will begin in the coming months and the form is scheduled to be implemented beginning 2014.

Leitnaker gave an update of the status of the university support staff handbook. The goal is to have the handbook finalized by August or September for classified employees to review prior to the vote in November.

Discussion was held on whether to develop a governance white paper. The Alternative Service Committee will continue to provide oversight until the new compensation system is fully implemented, which is estimated to be two to four years. A liaison from committee has been appointed to Classified Senate as a non-voting member to give updates on the plan progress. It was decided Carol Marden would draft a governance white paper.

The announcement of the intent to vote was discussed. Barb Nagel will contact planning and analysis to discuss their oversight of the election in November. Carrie Fink will contact the Information Technology Assistance Center and ask for its help in assisting those who might need assistance or not have access to vote electronically.

The committee’s website, communications, copies of white papers and progress of the plan can be found online.