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K-State Today

April 26, 2022

Tree Campus USA Arbor Day tree planting Friday

Submitted by Catherine Lavis

K-State is a recognized Tree Campus: Higher Education Campus, an Arbor Day Foundation program. This year, students will plant three trees, donated by the Rotary Club, on the westside of McCain at 10:30 a.m. April 29, which is Arbor Day in Kansas. Students will also discuss and demonstrate proper tree planting.

By meeting the five annual standards and being recognized as a Tree Campus Higher Education University, the campus benefits and it creates a more sustainable environment and instills pride in the students, faculty and community. To maintain this title, each spring Arboriculture students share their passion for trees during the week of Arbor Day. 

Since 2013, arboriculture students have planted 45 new trees on our campus. This year’s educational outreach endeavor is formulated around the critical importance of trees in the urban landscape, which must be supported by a recurrent tree planting program. As we look around many community landscapes, we see beautiful, large, aging trees; sadly, we do not see a good interplanting of new trees in many locations. Planting new trees every year is needed to line streets, parks, residential and commercial landscapes and of course, the K-State campus, for years to come.