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K-State Today

August 30, 2021

A letter from K-State interim chief diversity and inclusion officer

Submitted by Be Stoney

Greetings, K-Staters and friends!

Welcome back to K-State! It has been nearly a year since we have been on an active campus, and we are now one week into a semester unlike any other. I am optimistic that as K-Staters, the challenges we faced the past year have made us stronger together. We have struggled together in getting to this point, yet, we have found a way to return to campus.

Three months ago, I was installed as the interim chief diversity and inclusion officer. It is an honor and privilege for me to serve in this position. We have met the many challenges that came before us. Yet we continued and moved forward to make our campus safe. When we appreciate our differences, we reshape ourselves through a better understanding of issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. As your chief of diversity and inclusion officer, I want you to know I am listening to your voices, your concerns.

My goals are to:

  • Strive for an inclusive K-State environment — create a living guide that calls upon every student, faculty, staff and administrator to act as an ambassador for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
  • Maintain and sustain an action-oriented environment, not only in words but visibly living to the standards of acceptance, understanding and supporting others through social justice, respect and civility. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is not a “check the box” conversation.
  • Advance a climate that fosters diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in any and all aspects relating to social justice issues.
  • Enhance our understanding of our diverse populations on campus through intercultural and competence training.
  • Promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in research, teaching and training across campus.
  • Work side by side with senior leadership to promote and commit to making diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging a priority for students, faculty staff and community members who visit the campus.
  • Promote the development of identifying, attracting and retaining diverse faculty and staff of color.
  • Facilitate an atmosphere of mutual respect and cultural competencies by creating an infrastructure for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging awareness through effective training.

My mission for the Diversity and Inclusion Office is to provide leadership to form partnerships and shared responsibilities for creating a campus for diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging where students, faculty and staff can prosper.

Students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to participate in the Indigenous People Day conference on Monday, Oct. 11, and the fifth KSUnite: Our Lens, Our Focus, Our K-State, scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 12. There will be more information on these two events soon — presenters, speakers, and registration will be available soon. 

Welcome to K-State, where we are continually striving to be a more inclusive campus!


Be Stoney
Interim chief diversity and inclusion officer