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August 23, 2021

Welcome back, Wildcats

Submitted by President Richard Myers

K-State Community:

There is enthusiasm, energy and genuine excitement on our campuses as we begin a new academic year with a return to in-person learning. This is a time to renew traditions and strengthen our community bonds. I deeply appreciate the hard work and effort it has taken to bring our university to this point. We should not minimize this accomplishment as we enjoy the chance for greater interaction and personal engagement.

We know it won't be exactly the same as before, as we continue to live in the shadow of COVID-19. You have demonstrated strength and resilience throughout this pandemic and looked out for each other in the K-State Way. There will be challenges ahead; please continue to show grace and respect for others as we approach the fall semester.

Last year proved we can work together for the common good and I want to personally thank those who have been vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated and can do so, we encourage you to join our efforts to protect our campuses and communities. Vaccines are free and safe and widely available. It's the best single act one can take to fight the pandemic.                  

With the return to our campuses, I ask you to reflect on the tremendous and varied academic experiences available to our students. There are distinct advantages to being a top-tier research university with statewide outreach. We are unique in the state of Kansas and should celebrate the prestige of being an internationally recognized land-grant university. We can all take a lot of pride in our academic prowess.

Being back on campus provides new opportunities for our students to participate in hundreds of clubs, events and co-curricular activities that enhance the K-State experience. We want to encourage participation in these rewarding activities and thank those who support them with time and energy. One thing we know about K-State, there are many ways to provide leadership and service to others. It's one of the things that makes us special.

A silver lining of the pandemic has been our increased focus on well-being and student success. Creating supportive connections between people has a direct impact on student success. This past year we've taken big steps to improve services in this area. JED Campus continues to move forward as well as other student well-being initiatives. Our focus on the total person helps make the K-State experience even more powerful.

We sincerely hope the days and weeks ahead continue to see us re-engage and move toward a more normal existence. As always, we'll keep a sharp eye on the horizon with regard to the pandemic and do what's necessary to protect our communities.

We're glad you are back. Stay safe!

Richard B. Myers