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August 17, 2021

K-State College of Business offers certifications to business students

Submitted by Esther Swilley

To improve responsiveness to student and employer needs and to provide students with skills and abilities needed for business today and in the future, students in Kansas State University's College of Business will now be able to add industry certifications to their resumes. Launching this fall, students will be able to study and take industry certification examinations as part of their courses.

All students enrolled in the college will have the opportunity to pursue certifications in both cloud computing and coding. Based on conversations with several employers, these two certificates are critical in today's business world.

"I talked with a company that has new personnel train in these areas," said Roger McHaney, professor of management information systems. "They were excited when I told them our students will come already trained."

Other industry certificates specific to other business areas will be offered to students. The department of marketing will offer certificates in Google Analytics, search engine marketing, social media and content management starting in the fall 2021 semester.

"We are excited to offer this opportunity," said Esther Swilley, head of the marketing department. "We are in the knowledge business and certificates are another knowledge product we can offer to make our students successful."

"I commend K-State's College of Business, they have listened to employers' needs and are responding by leveraging the educational tools provided by companies like Apple, Google and Amazon," said Ryan Weber, president and CEO, KC Tech Council. "Technology is a part of nearly all modern businesses and it is constantly evolving. Graduates who complete these certifications will be more employable, better prepared to contribute to the workplace and will earn a much higher starting salary by supplementing a college degree with some of the most in-demand certifications and technical skills. "

The purpose is to allow students to earn certifications that will give them the opportunity to apply for jobs that our students would otherwise not be eligible. Understanding the certification subject material will take place in the courses in order to assist students. Some of the exams do not have a cost, but with many of the most in-demand certification exams, students must pay between $100-$500 per certification. For most students in the program, there will be several certificate exams. Several businesses have expressed interest in the program.

According to Kevin Gwinner, Edgerley family dean of the college, businesses see the value of sponsoring the costs for students to help incentivize the students to pursue certificates.

"The impact of these certificates for business is access to higher-level employees," Gwinner said. "And it improves the career outcomes for our students."