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November 12, 2020

Survey requesting feedback on HealthQuest

Submitted by Maria Beebe

The Employee Advisory Committee for the State Employee Health Plan's Health Care Commission has commissioned the Docking Institute at Fort Hays State University to conduct an online survey of all active state employees.

State employees will receive an emailed invitation on Thursday, Nov. 12, from the Docking Institute at docking@fhsu.edu.

This is our chance as employees to provide feedback on the health plans offered and the HealthQuest wellness program. The committee will present this feedback to the Health Care Commission in January 2021 to help guide future plan design and policy decisions regarding the health plans and HealthQuest.

We urge you to share your feedback by taking the survey. Your participation is very important to a successful assessment.

The Docking Institute will author a technical report on grouped data only. This means that all identifying data will be removed, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

The Employee Advisory Committee is a 21-member committee comprised of 18 active state employees and three retired state employees, so we know how important these health benefits are to your family's financial security. The committee was established by the Health Care Commission to advise it on matters relating to health care benefits of state officers and employees and to assist in the development of policy with respect to such benefits.

Should you have any questions, please contact the committee at EAC@ks.gov.