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K-State Today

October 15, 2020

A blog series: Understanding Leadership for Racial Justice

Submitted by Kim Ralston

On the heels of KSUnite, the Staley School of Leadership Studies presents a timely special blog series on Understanding Leadership for Racial Justice. The series can be found on the Staley School's Loop blog.

Guest writers will contribute articles on a regular basis over the next several weeks that will invite conversation and action on understanding leadership for racial justice. What leadership is required for progress on racial justice? What practices and orientations to the work of leadership advance this effort and what hampers progress?

This series will provide an avenue and a resource for considering and advancing discussions of leadership through the lens of racial justice and advancing discussions of racial justice through a leadership lens. Each piece over the coming weeks will present scholarship alongside opportunities for action and questions for consideration as we advance leadership for racial justice.

Join us in engaging and learning together.