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K-State Today

April 30, 2020

Political science department announces new Middle East studies minor for fall 2020

Submitted by Braylee Jones

The political science department has developed the Middle East studies minor, a new interdisciplinary program that helps build a student's knowledge of important geopolitical and cultural forces of the critical region, both on campus and beyond.

Middle East studies has a lively presence at Kansas State University, with courses offered on various topics of the subject spread over numerous departments. In addition, faculty from various departments consistently share their expertise in this important region with the residents of Kansas and the nation through research, public lectures, invited talks and media interviews.

K-State also established the Michael W. Suleiman Chair in Arab and Arab-American Studies to advance the pursuit of Middle Eastern scholarship. Further, the political science department regularly invites prominent scholars on Middle Eastern affairs to campus as part of the Middle Eastern Speaker Series. As a result, a vibrant intellectual community interested in the region has developed, leading to the development of the Middle East studies minor.

The minor involves five departments across the university: political science, history, communication studies, philosophy and modern languages. Offering courses ranging from intercultural exchanges, the history of Islamic thought, political Islam, religion and communication in the Middle East and more, this minor gives students a dynamic perspective of a subject that has great global interest.

The minor will be directed by Sabri Ciftci, associate professor of political science and Michael W. Suleiman chair in Arab and Arab-American studies. Supporting faculty members include Nadia Oweidat, assistant professor of history; Jon Mahoney, professor of philosophy; and Thuria Mosa, instructor of modern languages.

For more information about the minor, please email Ciftci at ciftci@k-state.edu or the political science department at polsci@k-state.edu