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K-State Today

April 3, 2020

Roberts selected as president of International Center for Academic Integrity

Submitted by Stephanie Jacques

Camilla Roberts, director of K-State's Honor and Integrity System, was selected as president of the International Center for Academic Integrity, at its international conference in early March. In this leadership position, she will guide professional colleagues on integrity trends and concerns.

"Issues of cheating and dishonesty have always plagued educators," Roberts said. "This conference is an opportunity to hear new research into the psychology of cheating and dishonesty, see how it manifests itself across the world, and learn what we can do about it as individuals and institutions."

The International Center for Academic Integrity offers resources, assessment services and consultations for its member organizations, which includes Kansas State University.

"The selection of Dr. Roberts by her peers to lead this international center implies recognition of Kansas State University's Honor and Integrity System as well as of Roberts' expertise in the field," said Brian Niehoff, associate provost of institutional effectiveness. 

Roberts has served in her current position at K-State since 2016 and prior to that was interim director since 2012. She has been an adjunct professor in K-State's special education, counseling and student affairs department since 2010. She also has served the international center as a member of the board of directors and as the vice president since 2017.

In addition, Roberts has numerous international publications about student integrity and higher education, including in the College Student Affairs Journal and several invited presentations including at the International Center for Academic Integrity annual conference.

"A culture of academic integrity and authentic learning at the university level promotes ethical and moral decisions in the workforce," Roberts said. "A culture of academic integrity in the university also upholds the integrity of each degree the university confers."