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October 24, 2012

English faculty, graduate students publish, present in September

Submitted by Karin Westman

During the month of September, faculty in the English department published the following eight works:

  • Elizabeth Dodd, university distinguished professor, published a monograph "Horizons Lens: My Time on the Turning World," with University of Nebraska Press. Dodd also published an essay, “Red Buffalo, Black Butterflies,” and a poem, “Watershed Burns With Lightning,” in "Fire and Form on the Konza Prairie," with photographs by Edward Sturr, with the Ag Press, 2012, as well as two poems, “Panic” and “The Problem of Moral Relevance,” in the edited collections "Entanglements," with Two Ravens Press in Scotland.
  • Tanya Gonzalez, associate professor, published the article “The Gothic in Cristina Carcias: The Aguero Sisters,” in the journal MELUS 37.3 (2012): 117-139.
  • Kara Northway, assistant professor, published the article “It’s All in the Delivery: An Archival Study of Players Off-Stage Letter-Carrying” in the journal Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama, issue 50 pages 73-92.

During September, faculty and graduate students in the English department presented the following 10 talks and readings:

  • Gonzalez presented “Justin Time: Queer Latino Youth on TV” at the righth biennial MESEA Conference, Blanquerna School of Communication Ramon Lulull University in Barcelona, Spain, on June 13.
  • Katy Karlin, assistant professor, read “Bye-Bye Larry” for the Kansas Book Festival on Sept. 15 in Topeka. She also read “The Severac Sound” at The Writers Place, on Sept. 21 in Kansas City, Kan.
  • Nel was invited to present “Surrealism for Children: Paradoxes and Possibilities” to the Children's Literature and the European Avant-Garde in Norrkoping, Sweden, on Sept. 29. He also presented the “Crockett Johnson’s Barnaby and the American Clear Line School” at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Md., on Sept. 15.
  • Donna Potts, professor presented “Protecting Higher Education in Pennsylvania” and “What an AAUP Chapter Can do for Penn State” at the American Association of University Professors: Pennsylvania State Conference Meeting in Harrisburg Community College in Harrisburg, Pa., on Sept. 29.
  • Joe Sutliff Sanders, assistant professor, was invited to present “Chaperoning Words: The Ideological Differences that Shape Comics and Picture Books” at Roehampton University in London on Sept. 17. Sanders also presented “Blatantly Coming Back: Fetishizing the Line between Here and There, Child and Adult, Fantasy and Real, London and UnLondon” at the Weird Council: An International Conference on the Writing of China Mieville in London on Sept. 15.
  • Kadee Whaley, graduate student, presented “Human Agency in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander as a Seer of the Self, Provider of Clarity, and Purveyor of Acceptance” at the fifth biennial Slayage Conference of the Whedonverses at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on July 14.