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May 10, 2018

Campus electrical upgrades to continue over summer

Submitted by Jack Carlson

Major campus primary electrical work will occur this summer to replace outdated electrical equipment in several campus buildings with a new system. The new system will provide more reliable electrical power and primary electrical system service to buildings and will help address the increasing demand for electrical power for research and building components.

The work will impact campus with some sidewalk closures, street restrictions and planned power outages. 

The following is a summary for anticipated summer work; these dates are tentative and are being coordinated and verified with summer school classes and all affected departmental operations. Formal listserv notifications regarding power outages and specific time frames also will be issued two days prior to the scheduled shutdown.

  • Monday, May 14, construction crews will begin to close the south lane of Campus Creek Road to install new cables to eventually feed the Campus Creek Complex and Chemistry/Biochemistry Building.

  • Saturday, May 19, Holtz, Holton, Eisenhower and Anderson halls — Power outage is anticipated for 12 hours.

  • Monday, May 21, excavation crews will close the sidewalk between Waters and Cardwell halls to replace the existing cables currently feeding Bushnell Hall and Bushnell Annex.

  • Friday, June 1, Leasure Hall — Work will occur in Room 1 through July. Anticipated power shut down for June 27 and 28. 

  • Saturday, June 2, English/Counseling Services Building and Hale Library — power shutdown is anticipated. English/Counseling Services Building power shut down is anticipated for most of the day and Hale Library power shut down is anticipated for four hours. 

  • Monday, June 25 — Crews will excavate the area from McCain Auditorium to Thompson Hall. This work will run through all of July 2018.

  • Saturday, June 30, Kedzie and Calvin halls — Power shutdown is anticipated. Anticipated time for shutdown in Calvin Hall is four hours and anticipated shutdown in Kedzie Hall is 12 hours. 

  • Tuesday, July 10, Bushnell and Gen. Richard B. Myers halls — Power shutdown is anticipated for approximately 12 hours. 

  • July – The Ion Lab in Cardwell Hall will be connected to the new power grid.

  • Monday, July 30–Friday, Aug. 10 — Sidewalk south of the Natatorium from Denison Hall to 17th Street will be closed for excavation.

  • Wednesday, Aug. 18, Burt Hall — Power shutdown is anticipated for approximately 12 hours. During this construction process, we anticipate several other power disruptions that cannot be predicted to a date, these electrical power shutdowns will be coordinated in advance to minimize the disruption to campus activities and operations.

The Division of Facilities has communicated with building authorities and reached out to departments to identify potential impacts for research, teaching activities and department operation. This information will assist in planning for scheduled power outages. If you have activities or operations that would be affected by a power outage that have not already been communicated, email Jack Carlson, campus planning project manager, at jec@k-state.edu.

Summer construction projects, including this projects can be found on the Division of Facilities website