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March 9, 2017

Updated versions of University Handbook Sections B, C and Appendix Q

Submitted by April Mason and Andy Bennett

After a multiyear review and revision process, we are happy to announce that updated versions of Section B, Section C and Appendix Q of the University Handbook have been approved by the Office of the Provost and Faculty Senate. The changes to the handbook can be viewed online

Four specific changes we wish to note are:

  1. Section B123, which covered the five-year evaluation process of administrators (not including deans) was moved to Section C159, to be adjacent to Section C156, which outlines the five-year evaluation process for deans. No significant changes were made to the content of the new Section C159. 
  2. Section C8 was changed to better define unclassified professionals. 
  3. Section C31.1 was changed to add and clarify the process and procedures for evaluating unclassified professionals. 
  4. Section 46.1 was changed to require that all faculty and unclassified professionals be evaluated, including those on term appointments — effective in FY 2018. Appendix Q was revised to be consistent with this change.

The rest of the changes to Section B and Section C involved minor changes in wording or removing obsolete information.

If you have any questions concerning the changes, please contact Sandra Brase, Office of the Provost, sbrase@k-state.edu, or Charles Barden, Faculty Affairs, cbarden@k-state.edu. 

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