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October 19, 2016

New laboratory sign system

Submitted by Christina Aguilera

University labs will be sporting a new look in the spring semester. Starting Jan. 17, 2017, all labs on campus will be required to use standardized lab signs to provide consistent information to emergency responders, students, faculty and staff about the nature of the hazards present in the lab. View an example of the new signs online.   

Those responsible for labs will be able to print the signs using a fillable PDF form. Beyond populating the sign, the form also collects information about the types of risk present and the contact information for the lab. This information is then submitted to K-State Police and environmental health and safety. The lab sign format was developed in collaboration with safety representatives on campus and with the input of the Manhattan Fire Department.  

The signs will allow those entering the lab to see at a glance the nature of the laboratory hazards, the required personal protective equipment, or PPE, any precautions needed and general hazards present. This system fulfills various related regulations and funding entity expectations.