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October 15, 2015

Entomology Distinguished Alumni Series presents Kirby Stafford

Submitted by David Margolies

Dr. Stafford

On Monday, Oct. 19, Kirby Stafford will present the lecture "Ticks, Inquires, and Insect Invasions" at 4 p.m. in 231 Waters Hall.

Immediately following the lecture, Stafford will receive the 2015 Department of Entomology Distinguished Alumni Award. Stafford serves as vice director, chief scientist and state entomologist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Stafford's research is in medical-veterinary entomology, particularly the ecology and control of the blacklegged tick that transmits the agents of Lyme disease, human babesiosis and human ehrlichiosis. His current research focuses on tick control through the use of entomopathogenic fungi and natural, plant-based compounds, landscape methods, least-toxic pesticides, a parasitic wasp, the impact of deer exclusion and reduction on tick abundance, and the application of small amounts of pesticide to white-tailed deer or reservoir hosts like white-footed mice and chipmunks for tick control. Stafford also works with local health departments and the Connecticut Department of Public Health on community-based projects for the prevention of Lyme disease. Stafford received his master's degree in entomology at K-State in 1979. 

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