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K-State Today

April 30, 2015

Looking for participants to help with payment card research

Submitted by Eugene Vasserman


We would like to ask for your help in our research exploring the user experience of credit and debit card transactions. The study is conducted by Eugene Vasserman and Sajid Rahman in the computing and information sciences department. 

We will use the results of the short survey in order to determine your eligibility to take part in our study. Any data you provide us with will be available only to the researchers performing this study and will be solely used for the purposes of this study.

If eligible and selected for participation, we ask that you take part in a 30-minute face-to-face interview on campus. During the interview, we will take notes and record your voice, but no personal information, card numbers or passwords will be collected as part of the study. To thank you for your help, you will receive $10.

Participation is completely voluntary and you may choose to not participate or to stop at any time. If you do decide to take part you are still free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason. This study, No. 7715, has been reviewed and approved by Kansas State University Institutional Review Board and is not expected to pose any risk to participants. Results of this research may be published for scientific purposes, but you will never be personally identified.

If you have any question about your right as a research participant please contact Kansas State University Research Compliance office at comply@k-state.edu or Rick Scheidt, committee chair of the Institutional Review Board, at rscheidt@k-state.edu. If you have any question or concerns about this study please contact the principal investigator, Vasserman at eyv@k-state.edu, or Rahman at sajidrahman@k-state.edu.

Looking forward to seeing you!