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April 20, 2015

K-State political science faculty, students present at national conference

Submitted by Annette Sanford

K-State political science faculty members and students were active at the 73rd annual Midwest Political Science Association conference from April 16-19 in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the leading and largest conferences in the discipline of political science.

Sam R. Bell, associate professor, and Andrew G. Long, associate professor, presented "A Brighter Future: Civil Conflicts and Military Intervention." Long also served as a discussant on the panel "Empirical Determinants of Military Intervention."

Nathaniel Birkhead, assistant professor, presented "Dynamic Representation in American State Institutions" and "Divided Government and Legislative Productivity in U.S. States."

Sabri Ciftci, associate professor, and Becky O'Donnell and Allison Hein, both undergraduate students, presented "Anti-Americanism, Religion, and Support for Violent Movements in the Middle East." Ciftci also served as discussant on the panel "The Political Economy of Political Islam."

Juste Codjo, security studies doctoral candidate, presented "Foreign Economic Patronage and Domestic Political Stability."

Michael E. Flynn, assistant professor, presented "Military Action as a Natural Experiment on the Natural Environment."

Melia T. Pfannenstiel, security studies doctoral candidate, presented "Societal Strongmen and State Authority: A New Theoretical Approach to Understanding the Presence of Terrorist Sanctuaries."

Josephine Gatti Schafer, assistant professor, presented "Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Environmental Policy: An Experiment to Explain Outcomes."