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February 19, 2015

Highlights from the Feb. 10 Faculty Senate meeting

Submitted by Faculty Senate

These are the highlights from the Feb. 10 Faculty Senate meeting. Previous minutes are available on the Faculty Senate website as they are approved.   

Consent Agenda:

  • Academic Affairs chair Andy Bennett presented the consent agenda to senators, which was approved.  Various course and curriculum changes were approved including changing the bachelor's degree in architectural engineering from a five-year to four-year degree program, adding a new undergraduate certificate of dance, adding a new option in the bachelor's degree in engineering technology, and discontinuing two certificate programs in aviation.

 Standing committee and Student Senate reports: 

  • Academic Affairs: Senator Andy Bennett presented to senators for a vote on a new undergraduate minor in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which was approved. Senator Bennett presented to senators for a vote on the new research experience course template, which was discussed at the last senate meeting. He again reminded senators of the background for this request. The course template was approved. This is a new initiative and various questions were answered. 

  • Faculty Affairs: Senator Mindy Markham presented to senators for a first reading of proposed changes to the University Handbook, Section C10-12 regarding professional titles of practice. A policy allowing implementation of these proposed titles was passed by the Board of Regents this month — the day after this Faculty Senate meeting. Some edits were requested by senators and will be made prior to the vote on this proposal in March by Faculty Senate.      

  • Professional Staff Affairs (PSA): Mary Anne Andrews reported that the committee was informed about the merging of other regents' universities university support staff and professional staff bodies as well as their Senates. They would like to meet with Human Capital Services to discuss the future of staff at K-State.  There may be benefits to this proposal, but there can also be drawbacks of considering that at our university. Along with President Rintoul and Senator Cauble, they are continuing their work on administrative reviews for positions above the dean's level. Forward progress has been made on Section C of the University Handbook with the intent to vet through other committee's next month.

  • Student Senate: Senator Abby Works reported on work taking place in their Tuition and Fees Strategies committee. She also informed senators that efforts are being made to get a statewide medical amnesty policy in place. This is related to the Lifeline 911 policy that was passed by Student Senate and supported by Faculty Senate this fall. Senator Works also indicated student government elections are in progress and the filing deadline for students is Friday at 4 p.m. Please encourage your students to get involved.

  • FSCOT: Senator Don Crawford updated senators on several items. The committee met with Follett representatives in December regarding the competitive pricing tool that is to be available to students through their website. Because it is not easily seen and there is no indication this will be done by Follett, a mass email was sent to students identifying the link for their convenience. The Advisor Center in iSIS has had good success since its launch. Office 365 phase II is close to completion, but was not released to the campus, as a whole, over the winter break as hoped. Canvas walk in sessions are receiving good feedback.  Zoom single sign on will be required by all in the near future. 

  • FSCOUP: Senator Barbara Anderson reported on their meeting with Ryan Swanson where committee members were informed about upcoming construction, both building and otherwise that will create some discomfort in regard to parking lots, streets and pedestrian pathways. Patience on the part of all will be needed. Also, room scheduling may be tight for the next three semesters. Updates will be given via K-State Today as well as a Facilities Web page. Please be proactive and inform yourself of the changes that will take place. FSCOUP also met with Don Stubbings, assistant director of the K-State police department. They discussed upcoming changes that affect our campus community. Concealed carry will be part of campus life in the near future. Accidental discharge of firearms are one of the larger concerns of campus police. Captain Stubbings discussed ALICE training with committee members and encouraged all to take the training if possible. It runs about 90 minutes in length. Anyone interested in this training may contact Captain Stubbings for further information. At their most recent meeting, budget cuts also were discussed due to the announcement in the K-State Today last Thursday. This will likely be a future topic of discussion. Anderson reported that K-State Salina is discussing a reorganization and has requested a FSCOUP representative, as outlined in Appendix N of the University Handbook, to be an observer in these proceedings. Past President Keen, as a member of FSCOUP, agreed to serve in this capacity. 


  • KBOR meeting report: President Rintoul briefly reported on the January KBOR meeting. The approved changes to Appendix M of the University Handbook regarding the procedure for review of dismissal of a tenured faculty member, which were made for clarification and administration purpose, are now at the Board of Regents for review and approval. Professional titles of practice were discussed and will be on the board's agenda for a vote this month — this policy was approved by the board on Feb. 11 as noted above. The Board has simplified the language and will likely leave the decision about what titles can be offered to the university as well as the multi-year contracts. There was some discussion about the multi-year contracts at the meeting, but this should not delay the approval. Read the K-State Today KBOR meeting update for more information.

 New Business 

  • The proposed amendment to the Faculty Senate by-laws was presented for a vote to senators and was approved. This amendment removes the January meeting as a regularly scheduled meeting.  

David A. Rintoul
Associate Director/Graduate Program Director

Biology Division
Faculty Senate President
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506