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September 15, 2014

New online resource connects students, tutors

Submitted by Karin Westman

A new online resource connects students to the wealth of tutoring resources available at K-State.

The website is a collaborative effort of the Division of Student Life, university tutoring groups represented by Totally Tutoring and the Student Government Association.

"This new website will make it much easier for students to find and take advantage of the many resources that K-State offers to support their academic success," said Judy Lynch, director of the Academic Assistance Center in the Division of Student Life.

Designed by the Division of Communications and Marketing, the Web pages help students find tutoring resources to match their current need. Students can review options according to type of session — walk-in or scheduled — as well as area of study and type of assignment.

Nineteen different subject areas from accounting to statistics are represented so far, with a special emphasis on writing. The new website emerged from the growing conversations about tutoring on campus over the past three years, thanks in part to the work of Totally Tutoring.

An informal assembly of K-State tutoring groups, Totally Tutoring sponsors professional development workshops for tutors and fosters best practices for tutoring sessions. Totally Tutoring's membership offered an initial overview of the tutoring options available, confirming for others that a university-level Web page was the next best step.

These efforts dovetailed with one of the three goals that Student Governing Association President Reagan Kays and Vice President Cody Kennedy incorporated into their election platform: improving tutoring resources for students. Kays joined the committee this summer.

"We're excited to introduce this online resource to the campus community," said Karin Westman, head of the English department, which houses the Writing Center and its tutors. "These Web pages represent our committee's first step towards improving students' access to academic resources at K-State. As we continue our work this year, we'll be developing additional ways to create that connection."

For more information or to add a tutoring resource to the current listing, contact tutoring@k-state.edu.