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February 13, 2014

K-State freshmen and seniors report high levels of engagement in national survey

Submitted by Chris Urban

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First-year and senior students rate their K-State experiences at or above peer institutions when it comes to engagement, according to the 2013 results of the National Survey of Student Engagement. Students reported high quality interactions with faculty, staff and advisors, as well as high institutional emphasis on service learning and helping students with nonacademic responsibilities.

Since its inception in 2000, the survey has been used by four-year colleges and universities around the nation to measure the extent to which students recognize engagement in educational practices that have been linked with learning, personal development and other desired outcomes such as student satisfaction, persistence and graduation. More information about the national survey is available on the National Survey of Student Engagement website. The most recent survey is also available online.

Kansas State University has administered the survey every three years since 2001. During five survey administrations, K-State undergraduate students have reported marked improvement in undergraduate research participation and culminating senior experiences such as capstone courses, senior projects/theses, comprehensive exams and portfolios. 

For additional information on the survey at K-State, including detailed reports, sample information, and infographics, see the office of assessment data and survey results website.