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Testing Programs and Services

Testing Services Price List

ACCUPLACER Assessment - Each


On-Campus ACT Test


Administration of Proctored Exams (2.5 Hour Session)


Administration of Proctored Exam (Hourly)


Administration of Proctored Exams - Extended Time per/hour


CLEP: College Level Examination Program
(Active duty military: no cost to test taker)


CLEP exam: K-State administration fee


DSST: DANTES Subject Standardized Tests
(Active duty military: no cost to test taker)


DSST exam: K-State administration fee


Proctored Assessments - All (2.5 Hour Session)


Proctored Assessments - Extended Time per/hour


MAT: Miller Analogies Test


No show/rescheduling fee


TEAS-V Assessment Administration 


Testing Services - Late Request Submission


Testing Services - Late or Past Due Payment



  1. CLEP $89.00 exam fee is payable at the time of exam registration on the Collegeboard website.
  2. The DANTES:DSST $85.00 fee is payable by credit/debit card on test day.
  3. Administration fees can be paid by credit/debit card, cash in the exact amount, or check made payable to Kansas State University prior to scheduled appointment (K-State's return check fees are applicable on all dishonored payments.)
  4. All registration payments are nonrefundable. All fees must be paid before candidates are permitted to test.
  5. Fees subject to the hourly rate are NOT adjusted for quarter, half or three-quarter hour. (Ex. At the hourly rate a 75 minute test limit pays the same fee as a 2 hour time limit).
  6. To pay by credit or debit card, visit the payment center.