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Testing Programs and Services


Kansas State University’s Testing Programs and Services are conducted under the following terms and conditions:

  • Testing programs are provided with the authorizations and acknowledgments of the Kansas Board of Regents, Kansas State University, and partnering organizations and testing corporations, exams, or vendors. 
  • Constant visual monitoring of candidates by a certified testing center administrator either through a viewing window or by video surveillance equipment. 
  • Security measures in place to protect the misuse and alteration of testing materials and equipment under the center’s control. 
  • Network access protected by firewall and user identification and password protection systems. 
  • Examinee identification procedures required for access to the testing center. Only examinees possessing valid government identification with photo and signature will be allowed access to the testing center. 
  • Audio and video taping surveillance will be conducted as a matter of normal business operations of the testing center. 
  • Approved request for proctoring services is contingent on the acknowledgment of the testing standards of operations in the test center. This acknowledgment details the security standards, examinee responsibilities, and the identification and test material handling procedures in the test center. 
  • Examinees will be continuously monitored by the test administrator or proctor and by video and audio recording. 

Permitted items

Only those items "required to complete testing" will be allowed in the testing room: 

  • Valid, unexpired identification.
  • Admission Documentation (Must be inspected byTest Center staff).
  • Pens.
  • No. 2 non-mechanical pencils.
  • Approved calculators.
  • Permitted religious headwear.
  • Medical equipment approved as special accommodations.
  • Food or drink permitted as special accommodations will be stored and consumed outside of the testing room, but within close proximity of the test taker.

Prohibited items

Personal items are not allowed in the testing rooms. They should not be brought to the Test Center or on Test Center premises.  Personal Items not related to testing must be stored in your vehicle or in other secure areas.  Items prohibited at the test center by exam sponsors or exam vendors will not be stored on test center premises.
Items permitted at the center, but not in the testing room must be stored in personal vehicles or available secure storage at the   center. Be aware that the test center, staff or the university will not be held responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.  Examinees are not permitted to take the following items into the testing room: 

  • Cell phones, pagers, beepers, audio or video devices.
  • Electronic dictionaries or electronic English language translators.
  • Food or beverages (includes water and water bottles).
  • Any form of tobacco or tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs.
  • Hats and headwear (unless by religious requirement).
  • Brief cases, book bags, backpacks, purses.
  • Unapproved courseware, books, notes.
  • Mechanical pencils.
  • Personal laptops, thumb drives, or MP3 recorders.
  • Unapproved outerwear, to include hooded wear, hoodies, or other items that may cause a breach of test center security or a security irregularity between the examinee, test center, and the material provided therein. 
  •  Calculators, paper, and pencils are permitted as long as these do not contain any written or typed information, or adaptive recording devices.

Privacy and confidentiality

The privacy and confidentiality of all client personal information is critical. The test center does not maintain personal files on clients; nor is information released to any third party or agency on any client receiving services at the test center. Communication of client information is restricted to the following: the client and the test center, the test center and the test provider, and/or the client and the test provider. 


Testing rooms

The K-State Controlled Test Center (CTC) has security measures in place intended to protect the misuse and alteration of testing material under our control. Our network access to the infrastructure is protected by a firewall protection system. Audio and video taping of examinee information is regarded with confidentiality and privacy.  

Test center environment

Testing services are provided across the K-State campus at locations that are not maintained by the testing center. For this reason, the Test Center cannot be responsible for examinees' personal belongings outside of the testing rooms. No personal belongings are stored in the testing room during testing.  Examinees must secure their personal belongings away from the Test Center premises prior to reporting for testing. 


No examinee is permitted access to any area of the test center that contains secure test materials or equipment. Safety directions and procedures are visibly posted and available to examinees receiving services at the test center.