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Testing Programs and Services

Entrance and Placement Exams

Kansas State is one of a number of national testing sites for undergraduate and graduate entrance exams as well as Career and Job Placement exams. Current and prospective students can visit the testing center, or view our website for information and resources for examinations offered at K-State or other centers around the country.

Entrance Exams

Undergraduate Entrance Exams

Graduate and Professional Exams   

Kansas State Math Placement Assessment

Kansas State's math placement assessment is open to all newly admitted, and currently enrolled K-State students.  Upon admission all new students are required to take a math placement test prior to enrollment.  Current students seeking enrollment into any math course are invited to complete the math placement assessment to help determine which math course is best suited to their level of knowledge in the subject. The placement criteria measures the student's ability from Pre algebra up to and including Calculus, and can be completed without an appointment, in the privacy of the student's home or dorm room. All students are encouraged to confer with an advisor to discuss the outcome of the assessment prior to enrolling in a math course.  To access the math placement assessment go to https://www.math.ksu.edu/placement/

Career Placement Assessments 

 PAN Talix - Performance Assessment Network

Kansas State University is an authorized PAN testing center. PAN offers high volume, high-security web-based tests and assessments for a number of government agencies and other business organizations. At K-State PAN offers the Transportation Security Administration Screener Assessment Battery tests and a variety of other career placement exams.  Learn more about PAN or inquire about their services

 PSI Laser Grade

Kansas State University is one of over 280 Test Centers within the PSI National Network of Testing Centers.  PSI offers testing for certification and licensure, pre-hire employment selection assessments. You can learn more about PSI's services or get information on how to register for an assessment or certification by clicking on the link above.