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Testing Programs and Services

DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST) program

DsstThe DSST program offers 36 exams to choose from. Click on the exam below to view the Fact that provides information on the exam’s content, sample questions, and information on how to locate study resources. To register for a test simply complete the Test Registration Form and submit it with your registration fee to the Testing Office. You can learn which DSST exams will earn you K-State credit by viewing the prior learning website. DSST exam offerings include the following:

Business                                                    Humanities
Business Ethics and Society                        Ethics in America
Business Mathematics                                Introduction to World Religions
Human Resource Management                    Principles of Public Speaking
Introduction to Business                             
Introduction to Computing                         Mathematics
Management Information Systems              Fundamentals of College Algebra
Money and Banking                                   Principles of Statistics                               
Organizational Behavior                            
Personal Finance                                       Physical Science
Principles of Finance                                  Astronomy                              
Principles of Supervision                            Environment and Humanity                                                                                       
                                                               Here's to Your Health
Social Sciences                                       Principles of Physical Science I
A History of the Vietnam War
Art of the Western World
Criminal Justice                                         Technology
Foundations of Education                            Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Fundamentals of Counseling                       Technical Writing
General Anthropology                                
Human/Cultural Geography
Introduction to Law Enforcement
Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Rise and Fall of he Soviet Union
Substance Abuse
The Civil War and Reconstruction


To register for an exam complete and submit the Testing Services Request Form to Testing Programs and Services, 2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 102, or email to testing@ksu.edu, or fax to 785-532-2939.

For more information about the DANTES Subject Standardized Test Program, visit www.getcollegecredit.com, and see the American Council on Education Credit Recommendations for DSST Exams.