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PRAXIS Series Jump Start

About the PRAXIS Series exams

The PRAXIS Series exams are offered through the computer-based testing format. K-State offers computer-based testing at least five times a month and is open to all registered test takers. Exams are offered in two categories: 

PRAXIS® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core)

The Core series of tests are offered continuously throughout the year and can be taken individually or as three sections in a combined sitting, during any scheduled test administration.  The tests measure academic skill in reading, writing and mathematics. Test takers can find more information about the PRAXIS® Core tests at the Educational Testing Services (ETS) site for the Praxis Series

PRAXIS II® Subject Assessments

The subject assessments measure subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that students need to beginning teaching. Test takers can find more information about the PRAXIS II® Subject assessments at the Educational Testing Services (ETS) site for the Praxis Series

Kansas State Teacher Licensing Information

Students and current teachers who are interested in knowing more about Kansas State's Licensing and Endorsement Programs or the College of Education's Elementary and Secondary Education programs can visit the College of Education's Endorsement for Licensure or email edcoll@k-state.edu 

Registering for your PRAXIS exam

Before registering for your PRAXIS exams be sure to review the list of exams offered to determine which exam you are required to sit. You can visit your college advisor and/or review the list of required tests and certifications below. To register for all exams, test takers must visit the ETS website, create an account in PRAXIS and register to test. See the link below for help with registering for a test.

Ready to register 

State of Kansas PRAXIS test requirements

Find information on the State of Kansas testing and teacher licensure requirements

Other important registration information

Also available under the registration tab for the PRAXIS Series Testing:

Test fees

For PRAXIS Test takers requiring accommodations

Bulletin for Test Takers with Disabilities

Test registration codes

PRAXIS Series Passing Scores by State

Test takers can find the passing scores for most licensing exams by reviewing the PRAXIS Series Passing Score guide.  We recommend that each test taker consult with the requiring agency or state office concerning official score requirements.

PRAXIS Series frequently asked questions