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Technology Development Institute

About the Technology Development Institute

TDI FacilityTDI occupies a 22,000 square foot building located near the K-State campus. The facility is a combination of offices, engineering design labs and a fully equipped prototyping shop where custom components can be designed and fabricated at a single location. Prototyping capabilities range from sheet metal and machined parts to plastic fabrication, assembly and testing.

TDI has a proven track record of component testing, custom equipment design and development, as well as working with clients to analyze business opportunities to determine if development of a new technology makes financial sense. We work with clients to determine appropriate intellectual property strategies to pursue and to identify development challenges that need to be overcome in order to ensure commercial success.

We have experience across a range of industries and technologies and bring that knowledge and network of connections to each project undertaken by the organization.

Please feel free to contact us with any possible development initiatives that might benefit from our added resources. We engage in projects that leverage our experience, expertise and resources.