COVID-19 Information

TDI is committed to supporting the community in these difficult times. In an effort to accomplish this we have compiled a range of information to provide guidance on both technical assistance to support our medical and health care workers as well as information to help support business across our region.

Technical Assistance


FACESHIELD3D Printed Face Shield

TDI investigated the various 3D printed face mask and shield designs people were using to help battle the PPE shortages local medical facilities were having. The 3D printed face masks proved to not be a practical solution to use as PPE because of their low performance of actually blocking travel of the virus and the poor seal around various face shapes. The masks would be difficult to mass produce because of the long print times and use of multiple parts and materials. 3D printed face shields seemed to be a more feasible offering, but still required a substantial amount of time to produce large quantities. To optimize production time, TDI selected and modified a shield frame design so it could be cut out of large plastic sheets using a waterjet. The new frames could be manufactured almost 20xf2 faster than the 3D printed ones and were better suited for many of the sterilization processes currently used by medical facilities. Sample masks were handed out to various personnel in the Manhattan and Topeka area medical facilities, and received great feedback that they were very functional and comfortable.

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Business Assistance

Supply Chain

The downturn in the economy has disrupted supply chains for manufacturers around the world. If you are in need of help establishing new suppliers, or identifying interim supply options and need assistance, TDI has experienced professionals on staff that are able to assist with identifying alternative supply chain options. We encourage you to contact us directly to determine if our staff may be able to provide you with technical support to source new or additional suppliers.

Federal, State and Other Supporting Information

TDI has partnered with Great Plains Technology & Manufacturing Cluster to provide a wide array of information to assist companies during this pandemic. In an effort to provide the most up to date information, we encourage you to visit the Great Plains TMC website to review information for your businesses as well as your personal health and safety.

Great Plains TMC


Recovery Information/ Links

Additional information will be coming soon. The most up to date recover information available is the current White House Recovery Plan which can be downloaded here:

White House Recovery Plan

Additional Information links:

Opening Up America Again - USDA RD

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