COVID Student Communications to Instructors

So you are a close contact or you've tested positive for COVID-19? There is probably a lot on your mind as you make plans for class, course work, and other commitments.

For the Spring 2022, it is your responsibility to notify your instructors of your absence and make plans while you are out. Your instructors are responsible for providing a degree of flexibility and adjustments for students who need to miss class due to COVID-19 related illness, isolation, quarantine, etc.

Here are some tips to help you communicate with your instructors easily.

What to communicate?

When you alert your professors of a COVID related illness, isolation, or quarantine, you should include:

  • Subject line: COVID Notification
  • A reference to needing to be out
  • Which classes are impacted
  • The date you expect to return
  • A specific request for clarification regarding missed course materials and assignments
Where to communicate?

There are a few ways you can send your communication.

  1. Navigate, which allows you to send your email to all your professors at once. Use these instructions to send through Navigate.
  2. Canvas or Outlook are also options, but might require more copy/paste.