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Office of Student Success

Office of Student Success
Kansas State University
101 Holton Hall 
1101 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506



  • The most easily accessed resource is the Help Center in the SSC platform. Just select the question mark (“?”), and then Help Center.
  • EAB also offers webinars and a trove of helpful online materials.  To gain access, register at EAB.com.
    • Want to better understand what goes into EAB’s risk model?
    • Want 61 ideas for year-around targeted campaigns?
    • Want a campaign toolkit?

All K-State faculty and staff are eligible to register, and it is easy to do: just enter a username and password.

In addition to EAB resources, we also have K-State experts! Visit the Contact Us page to identify your unit's contact.

User Guides

Campus Resources

SSC-Navigate Guide for Advisors
Learn how to use SSC-Navigate to schedule appointments, communicate with students and record notes.

How to Switch to OAuth for Office 365 Calendar Sync
A guide for campus users to sync their calendars with the new OAuth system.

Documents from EAB

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness - A Toolkit
This toolkit offers tips to consider when designing a targeted campaign including specific metrics, student outcomes, and how to access the impact of the campaign.

Targeted Advising Campaigns - A Toolkit
This toolkit offers step-by-step instructions for creating advising campaigns in the SSC-Navigate platform.

Campaign Calendar - Example
View a suggested campaign calendar for an entire academic year.

Re-Enrollment - Example
View suggestions for running a successful re-enrollment campaign.

Campaign Creation - A Guide
Read about creating and executing data driven campaigns through the SSC-Navigate platform.

Targeted Campaigns - A Guide
Learn about targeted campaigns and suggested implementations for Kansas State University.

Campaigns Tracker - A Template
Consider using this template when preparing to track the effectiveness of your SSC-Navigate campaigns.

SSC Smart Guidance - Module
The Student Success Management System is an enterprise-level technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff, and students in a coordinated care network designed to help schools proactively manage student success and deliver a Return on Education.

SSC Smart Guidance - Research Slides  (July 2018)
A comprehensive system to scale the student success enterprise, improve retention, and increase degree completion.

Campaign Ideas

61 Campaign Ideas
Use these 61 campaign ideas to spark ideas about how your office or department may utilize the SSC-Navigate resource.