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Office of Student Success

Office of Student Success
Kansas State University
101 Holton Hall 
1101 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506


Unit Contacts for SSC-Campus

Academic CoachingJessica Kerr
AgricultureShannon Washburn
Animal Sciences and IndustryTeresa Douthit
Architecture, Planning & DesignStacey Chard
Arts and SciencesSarah Howe
AthleticsMaryclare Wheeler 
BusinessBrad Cunningham 
ChemistryChristopher Culbertson
Communications and AgPatty Karr
Communication StudiesTravis Smith
Education Kelly Briggs 
Food Nutrition Dietetic HealthJennifer MacFadyen
Global CampusPamela Erickson
KinesiologyRebecca Gilmore
Polytechnic CampusAlyssa Wendel
Tutoring ServicesLuke Matulewicz

General questions about SSC-Campus, including those concerning KSIS/SSC login, display, or other technical features can be directed to Brad Cunningham, SSC-Navigate Application Administrator, at bradc@ksu.edu.