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Office of Student Success

Office of Student Success
Kansas State University
101 Holton Hall 
1101 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506


Welcome to SSC

At Kansas State University, primary and faculty advisors, student life professionals, academic coaches, tutors, department heads and other academic administrators, use K-State’s new Student Success Collaborative platform as part of their student retention strategies.

First discussed in the Theme II Implementation Plan in 2013, and later featured heavily in the Strategic Enrollment Management efforts,the K-State Student Success Collaborative is a specific suite of technological tools which are integrated with the KSIS Advisor Center.  It’s also an idea.

The tools include predictive analytics, major explorer, course analysis, advisor and tutor scheduling, and much more. The idea is to help student success professionals be increasingly connected, proactive, and guided by data.

Many hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities, including KU and Wichita State, make use of EAB’s Student Success Collaborative®. These tools support diverse efforts to increase undergraduate persistence and successful graduation.

Students and faculty have limited access to the SSC-Navigate platform. To access the full range of SSC tools currently available to K-State staff, users must complete and submit a KSIS security form (pdf). This will allow users access to a wide range of options including; “risk indicators,” “targeted campaigns,” “analytics dashboards,” etc.

The best way to learn about SSC, however, is to use it.  All faculty and staff who work on behalf of undergraduate student success are encouraged to access SSC-Navigate and experiment with its many capabilities.