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Office of Student Success

For Advisors: Advising Specific Populations

Student Athletes

Student-athletes must meet academic standards throughout their careers on campus to remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics.  Division I student –athletes must complete 40 percent of the coursework required for a degree by the end of their second year.  They must complete 60 percent by the end of their third year and 80 percent by the end of their fourth year.  Student –athletics are allowed five years to graduate while receiving athletically related financial aid.

In addition, Division I teams are subject to the Academic Progress Rate (APR), a standard that measures a team’s academic progress by assigning points to each individual student-athlete for eligibility and retention/graduation.

Division I student-athletes must achieve 90 percent of the institution’s minimum overall grade-point average necessary to graduate (for example 1.80 for a 2.0 minimum GPA for graduation) by the beginning of year two, 95 percent of the minimum GPA (1.9) by year there and 100 percent (2.0) by year four. Each College has a certifying officer who works directly with the Registrar’s Office, the official certifying entity for Kansas State. 

There are specific policies governing developmental courses, repeat courses, activity courses, change of major, and progress toward degree.  Check with your Deans’ Office if you have any questions.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding a student-athlete’s academic situation, please direct inquiries to:

Student-Athlete Services

Student-Athlete Enhancement Center
2201 Kimball Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502



Second Wind Degree Completion Program

Student –athletes who left Kansas State without completing their bachelor’s degree can now finish their degree requirements by distance or on-campus through the Second Wind Program. 

K-State Global Campus

1615 Anderson Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502
1-800-622-2KSU (2578)

Athletic Department

Bramlage Coliseum
1800 College Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502



First Generation Students: Academic Success Programs

Students are considered first generation if they do not have a parent who graduated from college with a baccalaureate degree.  First generation students comprise 40% of the K-State undergraduate student body. 

TRIO Programs: Unlike student financial aid programs which help students to overcome financial barriers to higher education, the TRIO Programs have been providing valuable support services to help students from low income and working families successfully enter college and graduate for over 30 years 

Educational Supportive Services: The goal of Educational Supportive Services is to help first-generation, low-income and disabled Kansas State University students earn their undergraduate degrees. We provide services to help students improve class performance and find the necessary resources (academic, financial, career, etc.) on campus and in the community so that they graduate and achieve their life goals.

Educational Supportive Services

201 Holton Hall
Manhattan KS  66506


McNair Scholars Program:  The McNair Scholars Program is a comprehensive program structured to prepare undergraduates for successful careers as graduate students, professors, and professional researchers. This preparation is offered in the form of classes, colloquia, advising, tutoring, faculty mentoring, and the completion of a Summer Research Internship.

The Ronald E. McNair Baccalaureate Achievement Program is a TRIO Program funded by a grant from the federal Department of Education to prepare talented undergraduates for graduate study, with the goal of increasing the number of Ph.D.-holders from underrepresented socio-economic and ethnic groups.  To be eligible, students must either be low-income and first-generation, or a member of a group that is underrepresented in higher education (African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Native Alaskan, or Native Pacific Islander). 

McNair Scholars receive advice and assistance in preparing themselves academically for graduate school, searching for graduate programs to apply to, completing the application process, and deciding what program to enter.   The centerpiece of the program is a summer research internship under the guidance of a K-State faculty mentor.  Scholars conduct original research, write reports, make presentations, and have the opportunity to attend research conferences.  

McNair Scholars Program

201 Holton Hall
Manhattan KS  66506


Developing Scholars: DSP offers high-achieving, serious-minded, underrepresented students research projects in their field of study with faculty mentors. Scholars will receive academic, social, and financial support while becoming integrated into the intellectual climate of the university through participation in the discovery and creation of new knowledge at Kansas State University. 

Developing Scholars Program

215 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan KS  66502


Bridges to the Future: Bridges to the Future or simply Bridges is a program sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) aimed at advancing the potential of underrepresented students of color who wish to pursue careers in the Biomedical Sciences.

Kansas Bridges to the Future

215 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan KS  66506


University Honors Program

The University Honors Program (UHP) encourages students to grow in the intellectual craft of scholarship.  Through cultural and performing arts events, skill-development workshops, travel opportunities and challenging coursework, the UHP encourages students to develop intellectual curiosity about the world, its wonders and its complexity.  The UHP challenges students to reach their full potential as scholarly, competent, and fulfilled leaders. 

To join the UHP:

  • Incoming students should have a 3.75+ high school GPA and 28 ACT.
  • Current students should have a 3.5+ cumulative GPA at Kansas State University.

Students apply through the Honors Administration Link (HAL).  Students accepted into the UHP must maintain a 3.5+ GPA to graduate from the University Honors Program or participate as a member in good standing. 

University Honors Program

215 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


International Students

The International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS): provides essential immigration services for over 2200 international students and scholars from over 100 countries who are involved in educational programs or research at K-State. Additionally, the ISC welcomes countless American students, faculty, staff and community members in the exploration of other cultures and the celebration of international festivities.

The International Student Center has 3 buildings: the Taiwan Wing, the Korean Room, and the Center itself. The Taiwan Wing and the Korean Room house the staff offices. The Center has a large multipurpose room, kitchen, small classroom, lounge, and lobby. It provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where people can come to meet friends or study. The Center is also set up with wireless service for K-State students and staff.

ISSS can provide information on areas of academic and enrollment concerns: TB testing, English language proficiency, passport concerns, I-20 matters, visa applications, adding and dropping courses, dismissal ramifications.

Other areas the Center can assist with are: conversational English courses, obtaining a Kansas driver’s license, community housing options, student work permit, federal and state income taxes, information for dependents, medical concerns, scholarship information, social security number application information, transportation, US Department of State travel information and US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

International Student and Scholars Services

104 International Student Center
Manhattan, KS 66506


The English Language Program's (ELP): Its primary purpose is to provide English instruction to students who are qualified to begin university work but do not meet English proficiency standards for the university. The program also offers English instruction to international students who choose to come for language training only or as a study abroad experience. 

 The mission of the English Language Program is to serve non-native speakers of English and the university by

  • offering a full range of intensive English classes,
  • assessing language proficiency,
  • developing special programs for short-term and exchange groups,
  • orienting students to American culture and the academic environment,
  • providing academic and personal advising, and
  • facilitating students' transition to degree programs through support courses
English Language Program

205 Fairchild
Manhattan, KS 66506


Diverse Populations

Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs: The office provides leadership in building an inclusive campus climate that fosters mutual understanding among diverse groups. The office also maintains a complete list of multicultural clubs and activities at K-State.

Office of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs

224 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

LGBT Resource Center: The LGBT Resource Center at Kansas State University is dedicated to helping the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) students, staff, and faculty and allied members of our campus and surrounding communities to be more secure, educated, and productive in their personal and professional surroundings. 

It is the goal of the Resource Center to promote equity, respect, and social justice through programs, outreach, and education.  The Center is open to all and provides information regarding resources available to those of differing sexualities and gender identities and helps to build and nurture a diverse and inclusive campus community that supports all aspects of the curricular and co-curricular lives of our students, faculty, staff, and community members.

LGBT Resource Center

207 Holton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

 Non-Traditional and Military Students

Veteran Defined: Employee who served in the military, ground, naval or air service of the US on active duty.

The Office of Veterans Affairs: works with veterans and service members who are current K-State students, faculty and staff as well as those considering a K-State education.

We certify student's enrollments to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; we assist the student during the application process of applying for their benefit; and we help with trouble shooting issues that may arise between the student's benefit and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Office of Veterans Affairs

221 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Veterans Center

217 Student Union
Manhattan, KS 66506



Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services: If a student meets one of the following they are considered a non-traditional student:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • A parent
  • Married
  • Veteran
  • Returning to school after 3+ years of absence

NTVSS is a central point of information, providing students with the opportunity and resources to address most any question and/or concern you may have about being a non-traditional student at K-State. We are committed to supporting and encouraging your higher education journey. We can connect you not only to the campus, but to the surrounding community as well.

Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

217 Student Union
Manhattan KS  66506


Students Studying Abroad

The Study Abroad Office at Kansas State University provides administrative oversight for all education abroad opportunities, prepares students for valuable international experiences, supports faculty & staff in developing education abroad efforts, and maintains partnerships in the campus community and abroad to ensure education abroad at KSU is of high quality.

Education Abroad

304 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan KS  66506


Open Option/Undecided Student Resources

Open Option: The open option program is for students who would benefit from a flexible, academically safe way to explore majors at K-State.

Career Center: Staff members at the Career Center provide assistance to students exploring majors, helps them discover options and select occupations that connect with their interests, abilities and values. 

Career Center

148 Berney Family Welcome Center
Manhattan KS  66506


Pre-Health Professions Interests

K-State’s pre-health professions advising office is dedicated to helping students achieve their career goals. They have experienced, full-time advisors, allowing for greater expertise and one-on-one guidance. Our faculty and students are working on projects as diverse as atomic physics, cancer research and cloning.  Students receive assistance with:

  • Sequencing of courses
  • Health professional school preparation
  • Application assistance
  • Practice interview opportunities
  • Entrance exam resources
College of Arts and Sciences Pre-Health Professions Advising Office

College of Health and Human Sciences Pre-Health Professions Advising Office


Student Access Center

Student Access Center appreciates disability as an integral part of the K-State University experience. They are committed to providing equal access and opportunity to all campus programs and services for students with disabilities. Through collaboration and support of the entire campus community, the Access Center promotes disability pride, self-determination of the student, and universally accessible design principles, so that everyone has full access to university life.

SAC is responsible for ensuring that students with documented disabilities are provided the tools, academic accommodations, and support from the University to fully participate in all aspects of campus life.

Student Access Center

202 Holton Hall
Manhattan KS  66506
785-532-6457 (fax)
785-370-0431 (video phone)


Students Experiencing Difficulties

Student Guide to Help and Resources: One Stop Shop:  The One Stop Shop for Student Success is the place for students to access important programs and services for their success at K-State in one convenient location. Featuring information about some of the most popular aspects of the student experience, this site connects students to resources related to their academic, financial, health, personal, and professional goals. 

Vice President for Student Life

122 Anderson Hall
Manhattan KS  66506


Additional Resources:

Office of Student Life

201 Holton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Student of Concern Reporting Form

CARE: Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

206 Holton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Academic Achievement Center
101 Holton Hall

Center for Child Development (childcare)

1 Jardine Dr
Manhattan, KS 66506

Counseling Services

1105 Sunset Ave, Room 101
Manhattan, KS 66506